About Us

The AAA initiative was driven by the global concern for food security and eradication of hunger in developing countries, particularly in Africa, in the face of the growing population. This concern was clearly expressed in the new Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDGs 1 and 2, which call for ending extreme poverty and hunger by 2030. To address this concern, there is the need for institutional platforms that will promote and advocate for better agricultural practices, investment and private sector participation in the agriculture industry. Therefore, AAA is established as a non-profit private sector led initiative and network of African and international agribusiness stakeholders committed to the transformation of African agricultural value chain into a market-based, economically efficient, commercially viable and environmentally sustainable business enterprise that will be attractive for local and international private investors to engage in value addition that will promote economic development through foreign exchange earnings, employment generation and poverty reduction. It is a member based organization for the mobilization of resources and investment facilitation into the agribusiness industry in Africa. We support our members to identify and develop business opportunities, build international partnerships, share best practices, facilitate market and price information, dialogue with stakeholders and policy advocacy for enabling environment for the conduct of agribusiness in Africa.

Our Work

Through our work, we want to sensitize the industry stakeholders about the need to promote value addition along the value chain through engaging in agribusiness activities rather than the export of raw commodities. We hope to achieve this through capacity building, policy advocacy, information dissemination and knowledge sharing to all members of the network and commodity stakeholders.

Our Objectives
  • Create a Pan-African platform and network for the transformation of African agriculture into an innovative, productive and profitable business activity;

  • Promote the development of all the segments of African agricultural value chain for inclusive and commercially viable enterprises that benefit all the stakeholders in the value chain;

  • Assemble necessary regional data, coordinate the dissemination and exchange of information on all aspects of the agribusiness value chain in Africa;

  • Develop strategic partnerships and build strategic alliances with regional and international stakeholders to promote domestic and foreign investment in the African agribusiness industry;

  • Promote research and innovations in the African agribusiness industry through knowledge sharing, capacity building, technical advisory, access to finance and market information system necessary for a competitive agribusiness industry in Africa.

  • Advocate for enabling policies and legislations that are conducive to the development of African agribusiness industry that will contribute to employment generation, government revenues, foreign exchange earnings and the overall economic growth of African countries.

  • Promote the development of a market oriented and competitive African agribusiness sector, with opportunities for farmers to move up the value chain, by providing analytical data that will help decision-making by agribusiness stakeholders and encourage investors along supply chains.

  • Support and build the capacity development of key actors and support institutions, in particular existing and emerging market-oriented farmer and agribusiness organisations in Africa.

  • Strengthen the significant and growing pool of entrepreneurial and innovative people who can transform rural spaces in Africa by supporting the organizational and entrepreneurship capacities of young people.

AAA’s Assets

Credibility and professionalism are our key assets. Therefore, we are non-profit and private sector driven, and we are strong believers in the power of evidence in policymaking and advocacy. We will engage, commission and execute numerous pieces of cutting-edge policy analysis and research on agribusiness to make a strong case for the development of a competitive, innovative and sustainable agribusiness industry in Africa.

AAA’s Network

AAA’s network will include farmers’ cooperatives, small, medium and large scale African and international agribusinesses, processing companies, traders, wholesalers and retailers, logistics, maritime and transport companies, insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions, regional, sub-regional and international development finance institutions, donor agencies, projects and all stakeholders along the agribusiness value chain. It will be a network of African and international stakeholders that have the interest of promoting and supporting the agribusiness value chain for global competitiveness.

Core Values & Principles of AAA

The activities of AAA will be governed by the following core values which will influence its culture, attitude, relationships and decision making:


Collective and Individual responsibility for what we do.


Going extra mile to achieve the desired results.


Engaging all stakeholders for the achievement of our vision.


Dedicated to the promotion of agribusiness industry in Africa.


Innovative thinking to achieve highest productivity.


Honesty, integrity and reliability in everything we do.

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