Our Background

As noted by the World Bank (2016), “the challenge of feeding a world population of 9 billion people by 2050 can be met only through vibrant, productive, profitable and sustainable food and agriculture sectors, particularly in developing countries, where the bulk of food is grown and consumed. Similarly, well-functioning agricultural markets and agribusinesses that are inclusive and efficient — and that optimize the sustainable production and distribution of food — are essential for a food-secure future for all. As the international development community accelerates efforts to achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDGs 1 and 2, which call for ending extreme poverty and hunger by 2030, sustainable development of the food sectors and agriculture must be at the front and center of the global community’s response”.

Agriculture in Africa is still largely carried out by subsistence farmers who rely on small plots of land for their food and income. Improving yields, productivity, and incomes for small-holder farmers is vital to achieving substantive progress in food security and reducing poverty. African Agribusiness Alliance (AAA) is initiated to develop innovative solutions that will transform African agriculture from subsistence practices to agribusiness activity. This will be achieved through technical assistance and capacity building support to a wide range of stakeholders and market players in the agribusiness sector. It will support private companies, business associations and farmer cooperatives to develop new products and services. Its activities will cover economic crops and cross cutting issues such as input supply, market information system, access to finance and mechanization.

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