Becoming a Member

How to Register as a member of the AAA

  • To join the AAA, all that is required is to be a stakeholder in the Agribusiness industry and be passionate about the development of the value chain. Interested stakeholders will complete the application form either online at the website or forward their requests to the Secretariat.

  • The application form will be accompanied by registered documents of the institutions for corporate members and evidence of involvement in agribusiness activity by individual members.

  • The completed forms and documents will be reviewed by the membership and partnership development committee for the decision of the Board of Directors. Applications may be accepted, deferred or rejected and the reasons for the decision on an application will be duly communicated to the applicants.

  • Successful applicants will be informed of membership subscription through invoice which is payable within two weeks. After payment of the registration fees, a certificate will be immediately issued confirming membership.

  • Registered members are entitled to membership services and other benefits as soon as they are issued with their certificates. Their names and corporate information will be displayed on members only area of the website which contains the directory of members.

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