Dr. Peter Lovett

Dr. Lovett is currently Senior Associate Consultant at Form International where he is overseeing the development of indigenous tree nurseries for restoration of savannah woodland and Shea parklands. Having worked on commodity production issues in Africa for over twenty-five years, keenly focused on environmental sustainability, economic empowerment and gender development, Peter has experience in tree crops, oil-seed processing, business development and project management in many African nations. Successes include founding Savannah Fruits Company in 2006 and mentoring USAID’s 2011 formation of the Global Shea Alliance. Now focused on scaling-up landscape sustainability and efficiency, he continues to research and publish on various aspects of Shea production. Dr. Lovett had also assisted with the development of a Shea roadmap and choice of NTFPs in CREMAs along savannah/riverine conservation corridors and USAID agricultural and natural resource management project in northern Ghana. He has his BSc in Biochemistry at Oxford University, MSc in Forest Management at the University of Aberdeen and PhD at the University of Southampton, U.K.

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