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African Agribusiness Alliance offers programs designed to empower the Agribusiness industry while improving economic growth by building the professional, management and leadership capacities in the industry.

Agribusiness Professional and Management Development Programme

-Professional development

-Management development

-Training & capacity building


African Agribusiness Professionals Volunteers

Financial institutions in Africa are, in general, unfamiliar with agricultural lending and specifically unfamiliar the seasonality of the agricultural commodities and the cycle for processing. The need to understand that the procurement of raw materials is an annual event and that purchases must be in quantities sufficient to meet the capacity of the processing unit for its annual uninterrupted efficient production is crucial.

Thus, we are providing a program that seeks to link financial institutions to the agribusiness value chain that will bring together the stakeholders and the financial institutions in a B2B forum.

African Agribusiness Fellows

AAA’s investor support services will assist agribusiness industry stakeholders to understand the investment environment in Africa thereby facilitating and making investing in the industry rewarding and viable.

The services include investment opportunity profiling, investment advisory, technical partnership facilitation, capital raising and due diligence, feasibility study, technology selection, financial management advisory, staffing and introduction to investment promotion agencies, among others.

An agribusiness Investors Forum will be regularly organized to network and share investment opportunity information for the development of agribusiness enterprises in Africa. Linking foreign investors with local counterparts for agribusiness networking will also be part of the support services.

Graduate Internship & Placements

An annual Africa International Agribusiness Conference and Exhibitions (AIACE) will be organized to network and discuss policy issues on agribusiness value chain in the continent and globally.

The Alliance will also publish newsletters and annual reports to communicate its activities and success stories to members and stakeholders. In addition to the annual conference that will gather all stakeholders in the industry, there will be a high level forum of all agribusiness organizations operating in Africa to discuss the opportunities and challenges as well as global developments in the industry.

It will also be a peer group networking and B2B discussions to enhance the development of agribusiness industry in Africa. AAA will publish proceedings and recommendations during conferences and forums as well as commissioned research papers for the knowledge of all agribusiness stakeholders along the value chain.

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